Tinder Book

Rewind to February 2019, after a year of intense swiping on Tinder, the infamous online dating platform, my search for love in the online world hit deep frustration and emotional numbness. I found myself wondering: "Where did I go wrong with finding LOVE before I met them in real life?" 

Therefore, I started an experiment.

To understand how audiences perceive connections differently across digital interfaces and paper mediums, particularly in the context of romantic relationships, I transformed every person I matched with on Tinder in a month with conversations we had (a total of 193 people) into a palm-sized paper flipbook.  
Creative direction, Editoral design

✨ Several factors led me to question the effectiveness of online dating. These include the significant action of swiping, the fact that we condensed ourselves into witty pick up lines and a maximum of 8 photos, and the hope that whoever on the other side can perceive our inner beauty.

Changes in medium, texture, and interaction methods invite the audience to rethink the way we form relationships and connect with others via the Internet.

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Conversations held on the app during this period are represented in an abstract visual manner. By observing the length and frequency of exchanged text bubbles, audiences can conceptually understand the flow of the conversation. They can discern whether the conversation is progressing passionately, or if it has lapsed into silence. Often, no conversation is even initiated.

This project, given the number of matches and the minimal conversations that took place during the experiment, poses questions about the significance of approaching online connections and their impact on real-life experiences.

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