Zhen is a digital and product designer in Vancouver, Canada. She creates effortless experiences through clean interfaces to elevates brands and businesses.

She previously worked in fast-paced digital creative agencies, focusing on crafting e-commerce experiences and digital marketing for brands like Apple  and Nissan USA 🚗.

Later, Zhen transitioned to working as the sole product designer, bridging business strategies and customer needs for several tech start-ups while building product MVPs.

In the past
Product Designer at Fullscript︎︎︎
Improving supplement plan workflows for practitioners in North America. 
/ 2023

Solo Product Designer (IC) at Wreno︎︎︎ and Birdseye︎︎︎
Helping startups build MVPs.
/ 2022-2023

Senior Designer at Critical Mass︎︎︎
Creative agency working for clients includes Apple and Nissan.
/ 2019-2022

Bachelor of Design (BDes) with Honour
/ 2015-2019 

York University / Sheridan College Joint Program
Toronto, Canada